Chronicles of the twenty +++
5th, 6th n 7th
Wed, Thu, Fri.. zoom......... the day dear is coming back is getting nearer.. good! hee.. the past 3 days can be classified as 'normal' working day. Y the inverted comma? Cos usually wed and fri will be meeting my little mousy, so the 'normal' days this week doesn't seems that normal after all. Maybe it's due to the rainy weather and the heaty food, maybe it's due to me missing dear dear, maybe it's due stress at work.. i finally succumb to the seasonal flu virus on thurs... felt so weak and 'suan' in my knees. Heng that it's just fever, not running nose or sore throat... took MC on friday. By rite job responsibility wise i shouldn't take MC on friday, cos i've a meeting with the users and my prj manager took leave, so it's left with me presenting his part. With me going on MC, i guess the only person to present will be my boss.. anyway, i couldn't care so much as i was quite 'sei' on fri morning.. On thu i still tot i will be able to tahan at least till after meeting on fri.. but in the end i guess it's body over mental strength..

It must be the holiday season, really no mood to do work, especially after having every dec on holiday for the past 24 yrs, working in dec seems an OT.. haha.. anyway, gotta get use to it cos for the next 24 yrs or more, the dec won't be a holiday month anymore...

No more philosophical ifs and buts liao... just waiting for my little angel to come back from shanghai, then i can hug her again.. MUACKS!
The 4th Day
Whenever you tot the day might be damn sucky, it just didn't...heng.. Well, that's what i intially tot will happen today. Cos went down to the far end of spore for a supposely 'confrontation' with the pple who needs to protect their multiple butts. But actually things turn out to be fine.. all parties are satisfied with answers provided.. it all boiled down to mismatch of expectations and requirements.. add on a few miscommunication, u have the 3/4 full of receipe for argument, disagreement, big egos and attitudes. Sigh... so communication, very impt @work or @ relationship....

Missing my dear for the 4th day. Went to meet giant today for dinner at tiong bahru.. initially also jioed james and jeff and zhiying, ruilin along, in the end their time is ganna rob by ICT, overseas flying and job. Hope to meet up again after giant comes back from oversea in 2008 la. Dear in Wuxi today... must be staying at some chalet style hotel.. room must be big, can't wait for her to come back.. Big big virtual hug and kiss, Muacks!

Christmas round the season.. must think of wat presents to get liao...*headache*
8 days w/o my little mousy
*Dear dear, guess you will say i copy you again.. hee*

Today marks the 3rd day w/o seeing my love. Y so, cos she's happily touring the same 8 days shanghai-jiangnan CTC tour package that i embarked on this yr june. It will be a tiring trip and a cold one given the winter season in China. Hopefully it's not too freezing for my little mousy. W/o her heater pack, i guess she will be shivering n puffin out 'white' smog.. hee. Promise to give you a big big hug when you come back, to make up for the warm you lack during the 8 days trip.

The first day after dear dear left for Shanghai is one of the extremely few saturday this year i endure w/o her. Felt so lost, cos usually will meet her after lunch. But for that saturday, i even have time to take a nap after a long movie in the afternoon. Start to miss the presence of my dear. The loneliness is compounded by the fact that mum went HK too. Then both bro not at home. So quiet... Went marina in the end to meet old man, since i was rather tempted to get the Creative speakers for my desktop, then also thinking of how to settle my dinner, also quite some time nv see old man liao, so finally drag myself to marina.. 1 stone kill 2 bird.... hee... finally gotten a sms from little mousy at nite.. *happy* poor her, nv wore enough clothing to keep warmth on her first day there. Must be unused to the chilling weather..

So there goes the sat, then came sun.. breakfast was a simple cup of milo and some tau sa bread. Dunno who so evil, stole my newspaper. Maybe it's just that i woke up late. (ard 10 plus -- consider normal for sun rite..haa), stone for a while, realise that i'm home alone again since bro decides to come back on mon. N the day continue w/o dear dear n mum... movies, lunch, games, nap, movies again... blink.. sun gone.. Work on monday..argh.. lucky got nightly msg with love from China.. can't wait to see whether dear dear gain weight or lose weight when she comes back.. i bet she must have lost weight cos the food there quite oily and salty.. then sleep late and lots of travelling on bus. Plus the cold weather = ingredients for losing weight? Hopefully not...

Working monday.. already feeling sian + more shit work thrown at my desk.. why can't pple just agree with each other.. yaya... i know it's politics.. but then why can't pple just be rational.... maybe it's just that there's too many backsides for each individual to cover ba.. sigh... wanted to msg dear, but dun want her to sms too much.. it cost 50 cents to get a China msg to spore... multiply by the number of sms to n fro.. every single communication costs dollars.. hmmmm.. wait till mousy comes back then i start whining ba.... in the mean time 'lun' ah.... hahahaha

Tick tock tick tock... just like cinderella, when the clock strikes 12, it's time for me to hit the bed again... n before i forget... i better get my whites pearly first... gonna take a look at my dear's good nite msg first... muacks muacks! *hope will be able to transmit to Nanjing to my dear's sweet dreamland*...
New beginning
Aloha! *using the same starting line* It's a long time since this blog is in operation... someone even asked me if this blog is 'dead'... My reply to that was:"nonono, of course not, the blog is just in hibernation. Reviving soon...hee"

So schooling life is finally over, erm.. actually not really, cos still have fyp presentation. Then there's still the job searching process... so sian... All in all, my status at the moment: jobless and very eng.. hee.

Been digging out books that i bought in China to read, yup, chinese novels... not those thick thick ones with words from right to left, up to down.. haha... it's those normal ones... gotten this book from this author named 蔡智恒. Found one section of the book very meaningful, so here it goes:










Leaving on a jet plane... 1 year ago....
Wow... it's already 6th of july 2006. The date has suddenly struck me while watching the morning channel newsasia. Cos there's this news abt commerating 1 yr anniversary of the london underground bombing. Then i was like.. ooo... 1 yr le... It was this very date 1 year ago when i was checking into my beijing apartment 'condo' aka 老人区.. haha.. Still remember i was pretty excited abt staying away from home for so long.. first time travelling n staying overseas for more than 2 weeks mah.. hee.. Well, the final experience was a pretty satisfying and mind opening one with actual hands-on on their culture, food n their way of life.

Fast forward time to now.. with another semester gone n very slim chances of going overseas as a student again, i'm facing a status of a graduating student soon. FYP, graduating blues, graduating trips, lots of goodbyes, dreams, resumes, talks, scholarships, newspaper classified ads, exams and many more are things i guess i'll be facing in another yr's time.... Some or most of these events/feelings are more or less 'confirmed' as they have been tried and tested on many batches of seniors b4 me.

I guess i need to be anticipating each and every new events, tasks, difficulties placed b4 me in the coming 'new yr' with more tots, cautious planning and execution as it's time to start moving into another lifestyle with the old one sustaining firmly behind me.